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Status of operation of private site cheats PUBGHACK.RU

Statuses and designations

Undetected - the cheat works, minimal chance of blocking. But this does not mean that they cannot ban you with a cheat. With any software in any game they can issue a block. After all, they break the rules of the game.

Minimum chance of ban - with this status I want to show that you should play carefully. Always be aware of reports from other players who may not like your behavior in the game. There have been no mass bans on this product for a long time.

High chance of blocking - this status speaks for itself.

Rare complaints about bans mean exactly that. This is not a mass ban. Play carefully, without fanaticism. This status is equivalent to the “minimum chance of a ban.” It's just written in different words.

Sometimes there are complaints about bans - there are different situations. This software may be too popular, hundreds of users can play with it and a couple of complaints is a drop in the ocean. Or, in these programs, special attention should be paid to functionality.

On this page I described my personal subjective opinion based on user messages, reviews, and sales numbers. I do not claim that it is guaranteed to be correct. I’ve been selling cheats for a long time, a lot, as I see it.

In addition, I may forget to update statuses. And what previously had a high chance of blocking can turn into rare cases. I monitor pronounced detections and immediately update the information.

After technical work in the game, these statuses are not updated. Subscribe to our telegram channel and follow the news.

The statuses were edited on 08.05.2024, follow the news in the telegram