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Guarantees of

Experienced team that knows how to solve most issues related to private PUBG and PUBG Mobile cheats. We will help, answer, direct you in the right direction. We will make it so that you will go for victories, in the battle.

1. We provide a refund guarantee if a product purchased on our website does not start or does not want to work, only on the condition that all recommendations and instructions on our part have been followed by you.

Also, please note that we do not refund money if your operating system does not meet the system requirements of the cheat. Refunds are made using the details that the buyer used to pay for the goods. To request a refund, you must contact the Site Administration.

2. We accept payment through the system, which provides an additional guarantee of the reliability of our products.

You can always leave negative feedback in this system and ask for your funds back. We always care about the quality of the services provided; if you cannot figure out the program yourself, you can always contact us for technical support.

3. Personal certificate in the Webmoney system.

4. Openness and reliability. We will always answer your questions and help you decide on the choice of a particular product.

5. Our telegram channel currently has more than 800 users who bought and played with our cheats.

6. Our site has been operating for more than 4 years.

7. We provide FREE technical support to our users. It is noteworthy that we can connect to your computer and configure the program ourselves, without your participation.

I would like to note important points:

The most unfavorable version of Windows for cheats to work is the corporate version. It is half empty, a lot of things have been cut out of it and you never know what exactly. Many programs work on it, but installation is often difficult. To check your version: “Run” - WINVER. Also, I would like to highlight Windows for “Educational Institutions”. It’s the same with her - half-working.

Cheat functions may change, be added or removed. Also, some functions may be removed for some time.

When purchasing a cheat, you must understand that you are using the software at your own risk. Programs can work for months, years without bans. But sometimes it happens that your account may be banned, so don’t be upset.

By purchasing software, you agree to the rule that if a cheat is detected, we do not issue refunds!

PUBGHACK.RU - quality guarantee
We give advice based on our own experience. Help with installation via remote access. Always in touch with customers.
  • 4 years in business
    Our projects have been regularly updated and finalized
  • Official keys
    All activation keys are supplied by official developers or project administrators
  • Testimonials
    Over 1,000 positive reviews from real customers on our website!
  • Customer Support
    Our website provides free technical support
  • Cumulative discount
    The more programs you purchase from us - the higher your discount percentage.
  • Stability
    Our resources have been running smoothly for over 4 years and our programs are regularly updated.
  • Regular updates
    Programs are regularly updated, tested. The update time is usually frozen or further compensated.
  • Refund or replacement
    If your program does not work - we will look for solutions and offer replacement options. If you do not have the same system requirements - no refund / replacement will be made.
  • Instructions
    After payment, you receive detailed instructions on how to start and install the program. It comes to your e-mail and is duplicated on the website
  • Easy to pay
    Our site accepts many popular payment methods.
  • Instant delivery
    Immediately after payment, the item you purchased will come to your mailbox.
  • SSL certificate
    We use the SSL protocol for your security.
  • Assortment
    Here you can find a lot of working private cheats for various games. Regularly replenish their number.
  • Low prices
    We try to always please our customers with low prices and various sales.
  • Video demonstration

    Most cheats have a video demonstration of the functions and appearance in the description.