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Private PUBG Cheats (PC)

Below are the actual private cheats for the game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Most of the software is updated under Steam. But some of them can work on other servers. For example mail, kakao. Quality programs from reliable developers. Work with a minimum chance of blocking. Easy to run and install.


If your new accounts are locked for 24 hours, even without using cheats - then you have a hard disk lock. It usually goes away after 5-7 days. If there is a great desire to return to the battle - use HWID Spoofer. Our programs work on the principle of drivers and change the computer data before restart. After a restart - the hardware data is returned.

The main recommendation, before using - create a new user on your computer and play from it. If this does not help - change Windows.

More information about what a spoofer is on our website:

Private PUBG Mobile Emulator Gameloop Cheats

Private cheats for the game PUBG Mobile. Most of them are for Gameloop emulator. They are easy to run and install. They work with a minimum chance of blocking. Some of them are equipped with the ability to bypass the emulator and make it possible to defeat those who play from phones.

PUBG Mobile cheats for Android / IOS phones

Private PUBG Mobile cheats for phones. We can offer programs for iphone and android. Install software on the phone is not difficult, but you need to have at least a minimum knowledge of your phone. That in case of what, you could install the cheat. We have detailed instructions with the launch and installation. In case of difficulties technical support will be able to help, guide and answer all the questions that arise.

The battle royale PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, confidently captured the attention of most users in 2017. Thousands of players rushed to conquer the shooter at the same time. Many have tried to repeat the success of PUBG, but no one has come close. The game is still among the leaders on Steam, especially since it has recently been made free. This had a positive impact on the dynamics of the influx of new users.

But there is another side to the coin. Some players have spent thousands of hours in the shooter and are not allowing users who have recently connected to take first place. Not everyone is ready to spend how much time honing their skills. Private PUBG cheats from the PUBGHACK.SHOP resource come to the rescue. Basically, software is recommended to be used against the same cheaters. Get back the feeling of enjoying the game.

Download private cheats PUBG for free

You won't be able to get PUBG private cheats for free. At least because they are created by developers who devote a lot of time to the optimization process. For each activation key, money is sent to them. In turn, you will protect your computer from viruses and other various threats. There are many scammers on the Internet whose main goal is to take money, data and PC resources. Each PUBG cheat on our website is checked, tested and modified if necessary. You will receive timely regular updates and full protection against account blocking. PUBGHACK.SHOP hosts reliable software from proven developers over the years. We guarantee free assistance and answers to questions, if necessary. After payment, you will immediately receive an activation key, which will be sent to you by email. There you can also find detailed instructions for launching and installation. It turns out that from the moment of payment to winning, no more than 5 minutes will pass.

What PUBG cheats are there and how are they used in the game?

We bring to your attention private PUBG cheats from various developers. Each of them has their own approach to creating them and to bypassing anti-cheat.

Here you can download and get the following features:

AimBot - the cursor will automatically hover over the enemy. Choose any part of the body. The smart detection system recognizes visible and hidden enemies. It is recommended to use this function carefully. Nobody likes to be killed directly in the head, and also from a long distance. Typically, such actions will be followed by a complaint from the offended player.

WallHack is one of the most popular features. Know the exact location of enemies behind walls and obstacles. Some software draws the silhouette of enemies in detail. You will even understand which direction the enemy is facing.

ESP Loot - just like WallHack, refers to visual functions. Only it is applied not to real people, but to things that you highlight. thanks to PUBG's private cheats. Convenient settings that are easily adjusted and customized to suit the user's needs.

Why do they download PUBG cheats from our website?

Our resource is distinguished by high-quality technical support. We can connect to your computer for free and remotely configure and launch the cheat. Operators regularly respond and provide advice. We accept payments through the system, which guarantees the security of the transaction.

If the PUBG cheat does not start or does not want to work, we will return your money. We use a personal passport in the WebMoney system. Our resource PUBGHACK.SHOP is more than 5 years old. During this time, we have sold thousands of programs and acquired regular customers. You can join our community by clicking on the contact information located at the top of the site.