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Buy a multifunctional cheat Soft HUB for the game PUBG Mobile emulator Gameloop

Soft HUB for the game PUBG Mobile, the Gameloop emulator can deservedly be called the most popular cheat. According to my data, of all the programs that are posted on the site for PM, it is purchased most often. Most likely, users prefer it due to the functionality of the functions. The program is updated in a timely manner after technical work in the game, and is kept up to date.

Will allow you to see the exact location of enemies. Draw skeletons, names, distance, remaining health and auxiliary lines. ESP for loot will display weapons, ammo, corpse boxes, sights, modules, vehicles and distance to objects.

Aim Assist will move the mouse cursor to a specified part of the enemy's body. Select a body part, activation button, operating radius, pointing speed and other adjustments. A nice bonus is the “no recoil” function, which allows you to shoot with a clip.

If difficulties arise, we can help with launch and installation.

You can purchase the Soft HUB cheat for PUBG Mobile Gameloop emulator online

Keys that work ONLY in the CIS and the Russian Federation

Keys that work in all countries of the world

System requirements cheat

Emulator: Gameloop;

Operating systems: Windows 10, 11;

Processors: Intel and AMD;

To use the cheat you need a flash drive! The virtual option is also suitable.

Program functionality
ESP Players
  • Box - Dribbling opponents
  • Skeleton - Skeletons
  • Name - Nicknames of opponents
  • Distance - Distance to opponents
  • Health - Enemy health
  • Snaplines - Lines to opponents
  • No Recoil - No recoil
  • InstaHit - Instant hit

Items ESP

  • Weapons - Weapons
  • Ammo - Ammo
  • Crates - Corpse Crates
  • Scopes - Sights
  • Modules - Modules
  • Vehicles - Transport
  • Distance - Distance


  • Enemy dist - Distance to opponents
  • Players color - ESP color of opponents
  • Bots Color - Color of ESP bots

Aim Assist

  • Bone - Select a body part
  • Key - Aim activation button
  • Skip Knocked - Do not target knocked people
  • Marker - Target Marker
  • Crosshair - Artificial cursor
  • Fov Value - Aim radius
  • Fov Circle - Draw a circle of fov
  • Sticky aim - Stick to the target
  • Smooth Speed - Aiming speed
  • Priority by (Crosshair / Distance) - Priority by (Distance from cursor / Distance)