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Working private cheat Shield for the game Pubg Mobile Android

Private cheat Shield for the game PUBG Mobile Android. One of the few programs that does not require root rights on the device. Has proven itself well. There is a large army of regular users who buy activation keys and renew them. The cheat is equipped with all the necessary set of features that can lead to the cherished phrase Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

You will be able to know the exact location of the enemy who is hiding behind the walls. You will see the skeleton, the weapon he is holding, the distance, the vehicles. The aim bot will aim the cursor at a given part of the target's body, adjust the aiming distance, radius, firing range and many other additional settings. A nice bonus is the ability to compensate for the recoil of the weapon.

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System requirements cheat

Compatible with all Android devices;

Works only on 64 bit devices. From version 10 of Android;

Supported logins: Twitter, Facebook, guest and email login.

Root rights are not needed!

Program functionality


  • Skeleton
  • Weapon
  • Distance
  • Enemy locations
  • Vehicles


  • Aiming distance
  • Target body part
  • Aiming radius
  • Aim Mode
  • Ignoring downed bots
  • Ignoring bots
  • Aim Mode
  • Auto-aim
  • Firing range


  • Recoil compensation
  • Small sight