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A working Soft HUB Private Cheat for the PUBG Battle Royale

Soft HUB is a familiar team of developers, in whose arsenal you can find dozens of high-quality programs for popular games. I don't understand why they avoided the battle royale, but now they have something to offer. Powerful software, a good set of features. Find out the exact location of the opponents. All kinds of visual possibilities. For example, the skeleton, the remaining health, the name, the weapon in his hands, the remaining distance. Draw the auxiliary lines. You will find out the exact location of all the necessary loot, the contents of the boxes of the dead, airdrop, equipment. Thanks to the radar, no opponent will go unnoticed. Well, a nice addition is that you can accurately shoot at a given part of the enemy's body. An accurate aim bot with anticipation. Standard settings for the type of bone selection, radius, aiming speed and draw the radius. The combination of possibilities will give a significant advantage over the enemy in battle. The program is updated, monitored, and kept up to date. And the Soft HUB team is famous for its name and programs that are played all over the world.

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Cheat system Requirements

Game client: Steam;

System: Windows 10/11 [2004-23H2];

Processor: Intel and AMD;

Screen Mode: Windowless/Frameless;

Anti-cheats: Battleye;

A USB flash drive is needed for the software to work. You can use a virtual version.

The functionality of the program


- Enable

- Pre-emption

- Bone selection

- Radius

- The speed of aiming

- Draw radius/priority/sight


- 2D Boxes

- Skeletons

- Health

- Player's name

- Weapons in hand

- Distance

- Lines

- Preemption point (works autonomously without an aimbot)

- Number of observers


- Spawned loot

- Dropped loot

- Boxes of the dead (with contents)

- Airdrop (with contents)

- Equipment

It will show the exact location of the enemy on the mini-map. No one will be left without your attention.