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Working private cheat RamLite for the game PUBG

RamLite is a cheat from a proven developer over the years. Its creator releases regular high-quality updates to its programs. Updates for changes in the game and technical work. Uses a modern way to bypass anti-cheat. In this particular case there is no menu. All settings occur before the game in a separate text file. It will make it possible to know the exact location of the enemy thanks to the wallhack function. In addition, the precise aimbot will move the mouse cursor to a specified part of the enemy’s body. Besides this, there are a couple of additional features. There are no magical capabilities, but you will get a significant advantage in battle over your opponent.

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System requirements cheat

Supported OS: Windows 10 and 11 All versions;

Supported game mode: Borderless or Windowed;

Supported processors: All.

Menu language: Russian and English;

Program functionality
ESP Players
Our pubg cheat includes the following ESP functions:
  • [Teams] - shows the team number (colored circles);
  • [Health] - number of lives enemies have (text);
  • [Skeletons] - enemy skeleton (highlights green if you see the enemy, red if you don’t);
  • [Distance] - distance to the enemy;
This feature will lead to victory at any level of the game.
  • [Hover] - SHIFT activation button.
Do not forget that for very frank play you can get a report from the player.
Try to play naturally and don't become impudent.
  • [Observers] - shows the number of observers watching you;
Detailed configuration of various cheat functions.
  • [Anti-screenshot] - the cheat is not displayed when capturing a picture;
  • [Show FPS] - shows the FPS of the cheat;