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Buy the RAMEX cheat for the game PUBG

RamEX for the game PUBG is one of the most popular cheats. Hundreds of users around the world play with it. Due to this, the chance of blocking is much greater when compared with other programs. But the developer regularly monitors user complaints and releases additional security updates. RAMEX was created by one of the most experienced developers of programs for PUBG. Its arsenal includes famous programs with a large number of users. He doesn’t scatter himself, he pays his attention only to the royal battle. Releases quick, timely updates after technical work in the game. Keeps the product up to date. Without any problems, he issues replacement keys if necessary.

External type program. Placed on top of the game. Therefore, it only works in windowed or frameless windowed modes.

You can buy RamEX for the game PUBG online on our website

System requirements cheat

Supported OS: Windows 10 and 11 All versions;

Supported game mode: Borderless or Windowed;

Supported processors: All.

Menu language: Russian and English;

Program functionality

ESP Players

Our pubg cheat includes the following ESP functions:

  • [Boxes] - circles the player with a square (2D / 2D filled);
  • [Names] - shows the names of enemies;
  • [Bots] - show bots separately;
  • [Commands] - shows the command number (colored circles / text);
  • [Health] - number of lives enemies have (bar / text);
  • [Skeletons] - enemy skeleton (highlights green if you see the enemy, red if you don’t);
  • [Level] - survivor level;
  • [Weapon] - enemy weapon (text / icon);
  • [Distance] - distance to the enemy;
  • [Kills] - the number of kills the enemy committed during the current match;
  • [Damage] - the amount of damage caused by the enemy during the current match;
  • [Observers] - number of observers for the current player;
  • [In sight] - shows a notification of who has targeted you;
  • [Battle mode] - disables all types of ESP except players;
  • [Details] - when you hold down the key, shows additional ESP of enemies and objects;
  • [Advanced settings] - ESP display range control.

ESP of Things

Cheat for pubg allows you to display loot by categories that you choose in the menu. After you have found the desired loot, you can turn off unnecessary functions in the cheat menu.

  • [On] - shows things;
  • [Advanced settings] - detailed settings of things (divided into categories of things ammo/attach/armor/back/ghillie/AR/SR...);

* displaying each item separately

* color of item

* item size

* transparency of things

* item name

  • [Pictures] - displaying objects in the form of pictures;
  • [Show distance] - shows the distance to the object;
  • [Distance] - to what distance to show the object.


  • Do not forget that for very frank play you can get a report from the player.
  • Try to play naturally and don't become impudent.

  • [Observers] - shows the number of observers watching you;
  • [Boxes] - displays all types of boxes;
  • [Transport] - shows transport (amount of fuel and amount of strength);
  • [Radar] - a radar that shows the direction of the enemy's shot;
  • [Objects] - shows fired shells/grenades from enemies.


This feature will lead to victory at any level of the game.

  • [Hover] - activate the aimbot function;
  • [FOV] - size of the guidance circle (you can change the color and turn off the circle display);
  • [Through walls] - targets enemies if they are behind a wall or obstacle;
  • [Pointing speed] - speed of pointing at the target (X - horizontal Y - vertical);
  • [Aim Delay] - turns on the delay between shots (for a more legitimate display);
  • [Button] - select a button for targeting;
  • [Knocked button] - select a button for knocked people;
  • [Target] - select the aim (Head, Body, Legs / Head, Body, Legs).


Detailed configuration of various cheat functions.

  • [Anti-screenshot] - the cheat is not displayed when capturing a picture;
  • [Text Stroke] - on/off. text stroke;
  • [Show FPS] - shows the FPS of the cheat;
  • [Hot keys] - on/off. hot keys for quickly enabling and disabling cheat functions (boxes/vehicles/things);
  • [FPS Limit] - regulates the FPS of the cheat and reduces the load on the PC;
  • [Multi-colored text settings] - detailed settings of multi-colored text;
  • [Notifications] - setting up notifications;
  • [Interface language] - cheat interface language (English / Russian).