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Buy a working private cheat Predator for PUBG Mobile bypassing the Gameloop emulator

Predator is an effective cheat for PUBG Mobile Gameloop that successfully bypasses emulator detection, allowing you to play on your computer against opponents using mobile devices. This is one of those tools that allows the PC owner to feel more confident in battle, although it is worth noting that such programs are quite popular among gamers.

The software is provided with stable updates that keep it up to date and minimize the risk of blocking. Its user interface is stylish and intuitive for new users, making the process of getting up and running easy and enjoyable.

Feedback from users, both sellers and gamers who use this software in the game, speaks of its reliability and popularity in the community.

Buy Predator cheat for PUBG Mobile Gameloop emulator

System requirements cheat

Operating systems: Windows 10 and 11;

Processors: Intel and AMD;

Emulator: Gameloop 32 bit.

This software is NOT for phones. But it will allow you to fight against those who play them.

Program functionality


Bypass emulator for computer, game against mobile devices.

Mouse aim;

Silent aim;

Esp + Visible Check;

Instant Hit;

No Spread ;

Small Crosshair;

Recoil Compensation;

Match information shows the number of players and their id;

Next Zone Prediction

And many other features.