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Buy a quality WallHack Phoenix for PUBG battle royale

Phoenix WallHack for the game PUBG is one of the most popular cheats. Hundreds of users around the world buy activation keys every day and renew their subscription. First of all, this is due to the rather low price. Secondly, Phoenix provides a nice, necessary bonus in the form of HWID Spoofer. With it, you can protect your device from being blocked by the hard drive, or bypass an existing one. I note that it does not provide a 100% guarantee of complete protection. Because it’s quite difficult to get around the hvid ban. Nevertheless, it can be quite useful.

It has a wide range of visual capabilities. Uses a modern innovative method of bypassing anti-cheat, ensuring a safe and comfortable game. Causes minimal lags and FPS drops.

Phoenix developers for the PUBG game are closely monitoring changes in the game and making all necessary adjustments to the program.

In addition, the cheat is equipped with the ability to switch to Russian.

You can purchase WallHack Phoenix for the battle royale PUBG online

System requirements cheat

Supports Windows 10, 11 only;

Supports all modes: Full screen, borderless, windowed;

Game clients: Steam, Kakao;

HWID Spoofer is included as a bonus!

Program functionality


  • Player Information Panel - Provides data about opponents.
  • Stroke - highlights player figures through walls and other obstacles using contours.
  • Fill - When this feature is enabled, the outlines will be filled with a dark, translucent shade.
  • Bot indication is a display feature that allows you to distinguish bots; next to their outlines there will be the inscription 'bot'.
  • Distance - displays the distance to players in meters.
  • Lives - displays the number of life points of other players.
  • Life style - the ability to choose the way life points are displayed (line, text, or a combination of text and line).
  • Weapons - information appears about the weapons the enemy has.
  • Structure - highlighting players by overlaying images of their skeletons on top of models.
  • Visibility check - enemies within the visual range and behind the wall will be marked in different colors.
  • Knocked Out State - If this option is activated, the cheat will work on players who are knocked out.
  • Direction lines are a type of wallhack in the form of lines stretched from your character to your opponents.
  • Maximum distance - the ability to set a limit on the operation of the information panel at a certain distance.
  • Enemies only - functions only apply to hostile players.
  • Number of kills - displays information about the number of kills.
  • Level - displays the skill level of opponents.

World ESP(Various objects on the map)

  • Transport - displays the location of cars and other means of transportation.
  • Vehicle name - displays the name of the vehicle.
  • Distance to transport - indicates how far away cars or other types of transport are located.
  • airdrop - provides information about the airdrop drop point.
  • Distance to airdrop - will display how far away the airdrop is.
  • Airdrop content - the ability to view items contained in an airdrop.
  • Distance limitation - allows you to set the maximum range of the wall transparency function (wallhack) for both vehicles and airdrops.


  • Viewers - displays the number of users following your game.
  • Target designator - continuously display an aiming marker in the center of the screen.
  • Hotkeys - Set up shortcut keys to activate the transparency of walls (wallhack) to detect players, vehicles, air throws and objects.
  • Palette - adjusting the color scheme to distinguish visible and hidden opponents, their bone structures, vehicles, air throws, inventory and the center of the screen marker.
  • Language settings - the cheat toolkit for PUBG supports two languages: English and Russian.
  • Battle mode - deactivates all ESP options for PUBG, except wallhack, which targets players.
  • Locator - shows players' positions on the radar map.
  • Hardware ID changer (HWID-Spoofer) - masks the device's hardware identifier.

Dropped Items ESP(Loot, Items)

  • Object detection - this option of the cheat program allows you to identify the locations of various in-game equipment.
  • Distance of objects - demonstrates how far the equipment is located.
  • Level 1 armor - displays entry-level protectors (including body armor, helmets, backpacks).
  • Level 2 armor - designation of medium level protection (including body armor, helmets, backpacks).
  • Level 3 armor - indication of the highest level of armor (body armor, helmets, backpacks).
  • Sharp weapon - highlighting a bladed weapon lying nearby.
  • Short-barreled - displays the position of pistols.
  • Submachine guns - indication of short-action automatic small arms.
  • Shotguns - designation of the location of hunting rifles.
  • Rifles - information on the location of rifles for active combat.
  • Sniper rifles - mark the location of sniper rifles.
  • Sighting devices - a variety of sights and devices for accurate shooting.
  • Medical supplies - first aid kits of various sizes, dressings, pain medications, invigorating drinks and adrenaline injections.
  • Weapon Attachments - All types of available attachments to improve weapons.
  • Visibility limitation - set the maximum distance for detecting objects.
  • Grenades - display of explosive weapons.
  • List of items - a list of available game loot.
  • The bodies of the dead are an indication of the location of the corpses.