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Buy secure private NovaMacro macros for PUBG battle royale

Collection of safe NovaMacro macros for the battle royale PUBG.

  • The main task of the program is to compensate for the recoil of weapons. In other words, Norecoil. It only works on the principle of macros that help you shoot without recoil.
  • They support any mouse, no matter the cost. From simple office ones to professional ones, such as A4TechBloody, Logitech, Razer, Corsair and others.
  • The program is equipped with the ability to automatically adjust to system and game parameters.
  • A smart system for recognizing weapons you hold in your hands. Works in any resolution, screen aspect ratio and on any graphics and gamma settings.
  • The program is updated and updated for all changes in the game. They release modifications with new or modified weapons.
  • Defining Positions - As you know, every weapon and every position (sitting, standing, prone) has a very different recoil. AI-powered macro automatically detects what position you're in and adjusts its recoil control to each weapon;
  • Recognition of shooting modes - from the hip, from the shoulder and from the sight, the macro will automatically determine which shooting mode you are in and adjust the recoil control for each weapon;
  • Memorizing attachments - when switching weapons, the macro will remember all the attachments that were put on your weapon;
  • Support for sights and modules - any;
  • Combining sights and modules - you can combine any sight with any module on any weapon, because the macro will adjust to your choice;
  • Offset regulator - at your request, you can adjust the offset of the macro in any direction;
  • Recoil level - you can lower the level of recoil control along any of the axes;
  • Any sensitivity - you can set any sensitivity settings at which you like to play;
  • Menu - you can change each setting in a convenient graphical interface;
  • Zoom Mode is a function with which you can zoom in on objects at a far distance, without using additional sights, and also invert colors.
  • Binds - you can always customize switches for weapons, modules and additional functions using custom binds;
  • Sound notifications - the program has sound notifications when switching weapons, modules or additional functions, you can always turn them off;

The program is not built into the game processor. Complete absence of injections. According to the developer, the collection is not a cheat. And it does not affect game files. All functionality is based on artificial intelligence.

Works even on weak computers.

All versions of Windows. Any mice, keyboards, processors.

Game modes: Full screen, borderless windowed, windowed.

Languages: Russian and English.

Bypass stream recording: Yes, mute sound and hide menu.

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And China keys for users from China.
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