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Safe cheat Ninja / Sharpshooter for the game PUBG Mobile Android

Ninja aka SharpShooter for the game PUBG Mobile Android. A safe cheat that requires root rights on the phone. This is the price of security. If you have them, this software is a great option. It is regularly updated and kept up to date. It is equipped with powerful functionality that will lead to regular first places. One of the most popular cheats among Arabs.

Previously, the system requirements indicated that the android version was from 5 and higher. This was 2-3 years ago. Now, most likely, there are no such androids anymore.

Before purchasing, I recommend that you read the instructions so as not to be surprised later.

Please note that if your phone does not meet the system requirements of the software, a refund cannot be made. I keep repeating that he needs root rights.

You can purchase Ninja for Pubg Mobile online on the website

Program functionality


- Enemy locations

- Location of teammates

- Name

- Distance

- Health

- Team ID

- Skeleton

- Weapon

- Loot (weapons, ammo, armor, etc.)

- Vehicles

- Tomb boxes

- Airdrops


- Safe touch aim simulator

- Recoil compensation

- Adjustable viewing angle

- Motion prediction

- Smooth

- Adjustable aiming positions (head, chest, crotch, etc.)

- Target selection (distance priority over sight priority)

- Activation mode (During aiming, while shooting, ADS and shooting)

- Warning enemy out of sight

- Number of enemies in the area


- Desired color

- Desired font (bold, blinking, etc.)

- Export and import of ready-made settings (can be shared with friends)

- Streamer functions, hiding cheats from recording (does not work for everyone).