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Collection of universal MacroSU macros for the game PUBG

You can buy a collection of macros for PUBG online on our website

After payment you will receive detailed instructions and a link to download your own private macro assembly.

This software is a utility that will help get rid of weapon recoil in the PUBG game. By paying for this product you will receive regular timely updates, full technical support and the opportunity to renew the activation key at a price lower than the initial purchase of the program. You simply enter the new key into the software you already have. These macros can be used on all computers of the Windows family and on Intel and AMD processors. There are many payment methods available. By clicking on the payment link, open the pop-up list.

Features of the PUBG private macro collection

Each user who purchases a private assembly of PUBG macros is given a unique version of the program, which has no analogues. The chance of being subject to mass blocking has been reduced to zero. Even if some unscrupulous player decides to send software to the developers, only his version of the program will be detected. Macros are not injected into the game. They interact only with your external devices - the mouse and keyboard. Events and software processes are completely randomized. The program will automatically download all current macros and assemble a configuration for your computer and game settings. The software can automatically detect and switch macros to the weapon in your hands. Additionally accompanied by a convenient sound effect.

System requirements of the program

Works on Intel and AMD processors.

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11;

Features of the PUBG private macro collection

With this software you can remove the recoil of your weapon and shoot with clamps. Many users choose this particular option to dominate the game due to the low chance of getting their account blocked. By purchasing a collection, you save yourself from many routine actions. You do not need to buy a high-quality expensive mouse that will support the installation of scripts in order to reduce the recoil of weapons. You will not search on various sites for working macros for PUBG weapons; after purchasing the program, you will receive a complete list of current macros compatible with all sights. Also, the program can automatically detect the weapon you are holding in your hands and switches the macro.

Essentially, to win in the PUBG shooter, you just need to know the location of the enemy and aim accurately at the right moment. Macros will cope perfectly with the second task and will help you use a clamp to insert the maximum number of bullets into the enemy’s body, eliminating the recoil of the weapon.