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Working private cheat King Mod for the game PUBG Mobile Android

We are pleased to offer a modern, reliable King Mod cheat for the mobile version of the PUBG game on Android. This cheat is one of the rare ones that works without obtaining superuser rights (Root). This is its undeniable advantage over solutions such as SharpShooter. However, a certain drawback should be noted - the likelihood of getting a ban for such cheats is slightly higher. For this reason, we recommend using the version that does not include the auto-aim feature. Based on these features, the cheat was divided into two modifications. Depending on your preferences, you can choose either the version that offers only ESP and reduced risk of blocking, or the full version with a wide range of features. The cheat is filled with many useful options that will help you reach the top of the rankings and take first place. The developers regularly release updates for the cheat to keep it up to date and strive to keep the risk of blocking as low as possible.

Working private cheat King Mod for the game PUBG Mobile, without root rights

System requirements cheat

Compatible with all Android devices.

Works only on 64 bit devices. From version 10 of Android.

Supported logins: Twitter, Facebook, guest and email login.

Hiding recordings has been tested on devices: Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus.

Root rights are not needed!

Program functionality


  • Selecting opponents with squares
  • Enemy names
  • Amount of health, armor
  • Weapon in hand
  • Distance to enemy
  • Alert around 360
  • Enemies have skeletons
  • Transport
  • Vx on the weapon
  • Vx for loot
  • Airdrops and flyers
  • Possibility of identification behind the wall


  • Automatic guidance
  • Recoil Compensation and Recoil Removal
  • Legit and hard modes
  • Select body part: head, stomach, legs
  • Aim when shooting or when aiming
  • Ignore knocked people and bots
  • The target is closer to the sight
  • The target is closer to you
  • Disable shaking


  • Fast running flash
  • Speedhack for a knock
  • Shooting through walls
  • Loot through walls
  • Black bodies, sky, grass and trees removal
  • Night mode
  • Small sight
  • Headshot 100%
  • Looks like an iPad
  • Long Jump
  • Ability to fly cars
  • Hiding cheat from recording