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Legendary private cheat Jarvis for the game PUBG

Jarvis Pak is a high-quality private cheat, created by a reliable programmer with many years of experience. There are no such software on the market at the moment. They stopped updating what was there. Jarvis has been working for more than two years and receives all the necessary regular updates from the developer. It won’t give you any magical powers, but it will significantly simplify the gameplay. It will remove unnecessary decorative elements of the game that interfere with control over the enemy. Paints the body, clothes, and equipment in bright colors. It will be impossible not to notice the enemy. Basically, this program is bought in order to paint opponents and clean the floor. The map becomes visible, and battle royale users turn into bright moving objects that are almost impossible to hide from your attention. If difficulties arise, we will always be able to help, answer questions and send a request to the developer, who is always in touch.

By the way, a pretty nice price, affordable for everyone.

You can buy Jarvis Pak for the game PUBG online on our website

The Lifetime activation period means that you will be able to use the Jarvis Pak program for the PUBG game as long as it is updated by the developer. At the time of writing, the cheat has been working for more than two years. Receives all necessary regular updates and is fully supported by the creator.

System requirements cheat

Operating system: Windows 10 from 1803 to 22H2 and windows 11;

Processor: AMD and Intel;

Game client: Steam, mail;

Game modes: full-screen, borderless, windowed;

Since these are packs, they change the shooter client files. And after the game you will need to check the client files in the Steam settings.

Program functionality


  • Body painting
  • Dyeing clothes
  • Painting of equipment of each level
  • Painting parachutes
  • Vehicle painting
  • Painting the map

*when painting, you can choose any convenient color


  • Recoil compensation from 0% to 100% [There may be bans for anti-recoil! Better use macros]
  • Disable animation when shooting
  • Stability of the weapon, eliminates shaking
  • Increased damage | DOES NOT WORK!
  • Magic bullet | DOES NOT WORK!
  • Quick Aim
  • Changing the magnification of sights


  • Disabling grass
  • Leave grass for 10 meters
  • Gray floor
  • Improved sounds


  • Third person in first
  • Edged weapons like ESP | DOES NOT WORK!
  • Painting edged weapons in any color
  • Look through walls
  • Walking through doors | DOES NOT WORK!
  • High jumps
  • Increased loot radius