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The first grade among cheats is Fecurity for the game PUBG

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System requirements cheat

Supported processors: only intel!

The processor must support AVX1;

Supported OS: windows 10-11 x64;

Supported builds: everything from 2004 to 22h2 (Must be the original build);

Bios requirements: UEFI mode must be enabled;

Disk in GPT format;

Compatibility Support Module in BIOS - disabled;

Secure boot - disabled;

CPU with vt-x (virtualization technology) - required;

There is a built-in HWID Spoofer.

Program functionality
Enabling the aimbot
Visible goals
Only enemies
Degree adjustment
Recoil compensation
Displaying the work radius
Ballistics pre-emption
Delay in changing the target
Keyboard shortcuts
Visual features:
Show only enemies
Opponent's health
Adjusting the thickness of the skeleton
Maximum display distance
Information about the subject
Information about the enemy
Highlighting loot
The distance to the corpse
Display of transport and its characteristics
Keyboard shortcuts
The miscellaneous tab
Number of viewers
The rest of the time
Color adjustment
All kinds of color display adjustments.
More about the program

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