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Secure Private DH WallHack for PUBG Battle Royale

You can buy DH wallhack for the game PUBG online on our website

System requirements cheat

Operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11;

Processors: Intel and AMD;

Comfortable game if your processor has 12 threads or more;

It is not visible on recordings and OBS.

DH Wallhack is a cheat that will show the exact location of the enemy hiding behind the walls. The program has no magical supernatural capabilities. There is not even a rendering of the enemy's silhouette/skeleton. A point is used as a marking, next to it is the distance to the enemy. In this simple way, the cheater is informed about where the enemy is in WH DH. Such a program is much easier to update and keep up to date with minimal chance of blocking.
The amazing fact is that the developer has more than 50 Steam accounts in the block. This is not because the software we sell is bad. But because he conducts regular tests and refines the program. And only after that he posts it to users.