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Detailed private HWID Spoofer Desync for the game PUBG

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The creator of this spoofer has in his arsenal one of the most popular cheats for the game PUBG, with the same name - Desync. Accordingly, the spoofer was created for users. To give me the opportunity to continue playing and return to battle. It was decided to create a separate program to give users the opportunity to choose what to play with. The spoofer fully copes with its main task - bypassing the lock on the hard drive. Helps bypass the unfortunate ban for 24 hours. It works on the principle of a driver. After restarting the computer, it returns the data to its original state.

Currently works with anti-cheats:



Vanguard (Valorant)

Before making a payment, please contact us using our contact details to clarify the relevance of working with a particular antichot. We'll check and clarify further with the developer.

At the time of publication of the article, we personally checked the work in the following games: EFT, PUBG, Warzone, Valorant.

Desync spoofer features:

- Replacement of your PC hardware characteristics and MAC address with new values.

- Suitable for all games, including those protected by anti-cheat systems.

- If you use additional programs, you must activate the spoofer AFTER launching them (otherwise you risk losing access to paid programs).

- The tool provides the ability to remove blocking from your computer’s hardware, but it is not able to restore access to blocked game accounts.

- You have the opportunity to use the previous computer configuration by selecting the appropriate option in the utility settings.

- The spoofer action is maintained until the computer is rebooted (after which the HWID will return to the original one).

- For certain games, it may be necessary to reinstall the operating system to achieve better results.

System requirements:

Operating systems: Windows 10, 11. On Windows 11, the computer will restart every time the spoofer starts.

Processors: Intel and AMD;