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Working budget WallHack Covcheg for the game PUBG

Covcheg for the game PUBG is not the most popular cheat for the battle royale. I can’t say exactly why, perhaps because it hasn’t received enough attention from the community yet. But it exists, it works, it receives updates from the developers. Quite a low activation price, accessible to everyone. Before posting, I read positive reviews about the program from users. It is clear that you should not expect supernatural possibilities. The software will show the exact location of opponents who are hiding behind the walls. You will see their names, remaining distance, remaining health, skeleton. If necessary, you can unload the program from the game with one button.

Buy Wallhack Covcheg for PUBG battle royale

System requirements cheat

System: Windows 10/11 [2004-23H2];

Processor: Intel and AMD;

Screen mode: Windowed/Frameless;

Anti-cheats: BattleEye;

Program functionality
Player ESP:
Health Bard


Unload Hack

Working cheat Covcheg for the game PUBG. Demonstration of how Wallhack works in the game