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Buy a private BTG cheat for the game PUBG Mobile emulator Gameloop

The BTG emulator for the game PUBG Mobile was created by a responsible, experienced developer, in whose arsenal you can find a dozen cheats for popular games. PM for him was as simple as possible. After all, in this version of the battle royale there are practically no updates. The program is safe, relevant and multifunctional. A way to lead anyone, even an inexperienced user, to victory.

Standard set of features, nothing extra. Move your mouse cursor accurately, know the location of the enemies behind the wall, and see the top loot you need. You will assemble a powerful fighter, against whom it will be an extremely difficult task, only a similar cheater can cope with it.

If difficulties arise, we can help with launch and installation.

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System requirements cheat

Operating systems: Windows 10 from 2004 build to 22h2;

Processors: Intel and AMD;

Gameloop emulator version: 32 bit.

Program functionality


  • ESP Skeletone
  • ESP Boxes 2D
  • ESP Lines
  • ESP Distance
  • ESP Names
  • ESP Bots NPCs
  • ESP Nation
  • ESP Healt Bar
  • ESP Team Number
  • Background Text
  • Distance


  • Dead Boxes
  • Air Drops
  • Weapons
  • Granades
  • Ammo
  • Scopes
  • Magazines
  • Armors
  • Helmets
  • PackPacks
  • Supressors
  • Compensator
  • Chests
  • Medical Items
  • Vehicles
  • Distance


  • Aim Bot
  • Bone
  • Button
  • FOV Size
  • Draw FOV
  • Distance
  • Speed