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System requirements cheat

Works on Windows 10 PRO / Home [2004-22h2];

Virtualization must be enabled in bios | Virtualisation.

Secure Boot is disabled.

Game mode Without frames.

The disk format on which Windows is installed is GPT.

Hyper-v support on your computer.

Game client: Steam.

BTG PUBG cheat functionality



2D Boxes

Filled Boxes




Health Bar

Air Drop


Text Background

Distance Players

Distance Items


Weapon Attachmen








ESP Color

Changing the color to suit your tasks


Button to show or hide the program menu

More about the software

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Cheat functionality:

- WallHack: The most complex algorithms allow BTG to give you the superpower of seeing through walls. Each enemy, regardless of its location, will be visible at a glance. Assess your advantage by using information about your opponents' positions to strategically and tactically beat them.

- Loot: Looking for rare and powerful items? With our cheat you will no longer waste time on useless searches. Loot Radar will highlight all the valuable rewards on the map, helping you equip your fighter faster and gain an advantage in the first minutes of the match.

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