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Buy a high-quality Anubis cheat for PUBG Mobile with Gameloop emulator bypass

Anubis for PUBG Mobile is an excellent option for those who want to gain complete dominance in the battle royale. Makes it possible to play from the Gameloop emulator against those who entered the battle from phones. A very popular program that the creators of the shooter are actively fighting against. Their domain names and telegrams are constantly blocked. They are doing their best to prevent the spread of such a powerful tool, which is extremely difficult to resist. It is updated and kept up to date. Works in all modes, including Metro. Rarely, there are difficulties with bypassing the emulator, which are promptly resolved by the developers. Look through the walls, accurately point the mouse cursor at a given part of the enemy's body. Eliminate weapon recoil, use all sorts of features that will lead you and your team to guaranteed victories in PUBG Mobile.

You can buy Anubis for the game PUBG Mobile online on the website

Operating system: Windows 10 from 2004 build, 11;

Processor: Intel & AMD;

Video card: Nvidia & AMD;

Client: GameLoop (Emulator);

Emulator bypass: Yes;

Program functionality

  • ESP that can be customized
  • Enemy location
  • Teammate Locations
  • Name, Distance, Health, Team ID
  • Weapons, Loot (weapons, ammo, armor, etc.)
  • Vehicles
  • Killboxes
  • Airdrops, flyers
  • Warning of an enemy out of sight
  • Number of enemies in the zone
  • Safe touch aim simulator
  • A mode in which aim does not affect enemies behind a wall
  • Hard modes of aim bot
  • Recoil compensation
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Motion Prediction
  • Adjustable aiming positions (head, chest, crotch, etc.)
  • Target selection (prioritize distance over crosshair placement)
  • Recoil control
  • Recoil removal
  • Small sight
  • Headshot 100%
  • Looks like an iPad
  • Long Jump
  • Ability to fly cars
  • Hiding cheat from recording
  • Ability to save configs
  • 100% Bypass from emulator