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Buy Ancient cheat for PUBG battle royale

At the time of writing, namely 02/12/24, a completely new product. It is extremely difficult to evaluate it, because Ancient for the PUBG game has not yet gained sufficient popularity and active users. From what is known, the program was actively tested and finalized for about two weeks. Initially, the cost was quite high for the CIS market. Consequently, I asked a question regarding the pricing policy, comparing with competitors. To which we received the answer that alternative options need to be refined and optimized. And when others update and reach at least the approximate level of Ancient software, then the price reduction will begin. Apparently, this software is something incredible, something that you want to go after like bread. All that remains is to check whether this is actually the case. Bon appetit, don't deny yourself anything.

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System requirements cheat

Operating systems: Windows 10 from 1903 build to 22h2. Windows 11 all versions. Home/pro editions;

Processors: Intel and AMD;

May not work in full screen.

It doesn't work on laptops! If you miraculously pay, and you have a laptop, there will be no refund.

Program functionality

Aimbot settings:

  • Enabling Aim Bot
  • Adjusting the pointing body part
  • Operation speed
  • Power button
  • Drawing the guidance radius
  • Adjusting the Fov Circle Color
  • Follow-up after the fleeing Predictor
  • RCS - Recoil Control System, also known as recoil control system. Something like macros.

Visual features:

  • Distance adjustment
  • ESP Box
  • Enemy skeleton display
  • Drawing the distance
  • Nicky
  • Observers
  • Remaining Health
  • Adjusting the color palette
Reliable Ancient cheat for PUBG battle royale