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Popular FS radar for the game PUBG

I present to your attention one of the most popular programs on the Asian market. From a wide variety of cheats, they often choose this option. Perhaps they are satisfied with the rather low price of activation for 24 hours, or the fact is that with it they do not lose interest in the game. You do not see the exact location of the enemy, but you can work out a plan of action, foresee the enemy’s steps in advance. You will only see enemies. Nothing extra.

The program works on a large map and will show the exact location of the enemy. Radar uses a modern method of bypassing anti-cheat, which provides a minimal chance of blocking your accounts. FPS doesn't drop.

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Radar System Requirements

Game version: Steam;

Supported processors: Intel / AMD;

Supported game modes: Windowed / Borderless;

Supported OS x64 only: Windows 10, Windows 11.

FS Radar for PUBG game